WhatsApp Is Down In Several Countries Around The World According To Multiple Reports

WhatsApp was not working in several countries on Tuesday morning, including Britain, India, and South Korea.

We know that some people are currently having trouble sending WhatsApp messages and we are working to fix the problem for everyone as soon as possible.

The outage began at 3 a.m. Eastern time, based on Downdetector.com, which checks internet disruptions. Transporting service outages are frequently brought back within some minutes or hours, yet given WhatsApp’s size and position as a vital communication tool in various countries, each second without access has extra consequences. People rapidly went to Twitter to ask about the outage, using German, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, and other languages.

WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, lets users make calls and send text messages for free over the internet. It has more than two billion users around the world.

The outage is bad timing for Meta, which just started a new advertising campaign that talks up WhatsApp as a safer and more reliable messaging service than iMessage and others. Meta is having a hard time convincing people and investors that CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s bet on virtual reality technology and the “metaverse” will work out. The company will probably report lower revenue in its earnings report on Wednesday.

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