How To Remove The Search Button From Your Iphone’S Home Screen In Ios 16

In this guide, we’ll show you how to remove some of the new features in iOS 16 that you might find a bit of a chore to get used to, or that you just don’t want to see on your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.

iOS 16 includes many new features that are enjoyable, like customisable lock screens and the ability to edit sent messages. However, not everything will be liked by everyone. Many iPhone owners have complained about the new home-screen search button, for example.

You should now see a new screen with three tabs along the top.

Open the Settings app and find the “Home Screen” option. Tap it and you will see three tabs.

You’ll see a toggle switch under the SEARCH heading on the next screen. It should be labelled “Show on Home Screen.” Tap this so it changes from green to light gray. The feature is now turned off.

To see how many home screens you have and which one you are on, go back to the home screen. The search button has been replaced by a set of dots. If you want to change this, go to Settings > Home Screen and activate the feature again.

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