Nfl Week 6 Grades: Bills Getting Revenge Vs. Chiefs Earn ‘A-‘; Packers Get ‘F’ After Embarrassing Loss

The Packers offense has gotten worse each week this season and was especially bad during their 27-10 loss to the Jets on Sunday.

The Packers offense looked bad from the beginning of the game. On their first try, they couldn’t get any points and it only got worse from there. Here’s what happened on their next nine tries: They punted the ball, then they did it again, then their field goal was blocked, then they punted again, then they fumbled the ball, then they didn’t get any points again, then they finally got a field goal, then they punted again, and then their punt was blocked and the other team got a touchdown.

The Packers are not playing like they used to. One problem is that Rodgers does not seem to trust his receivers. Last season, when a play broke down, Rodgers would dump it off to Adams. This season, when the other team gets pressure on Rodgers, the play is dead because he has nowhere to go. The Jets put pressure on Rodgers in this game (They sacked him four times).

Rodgers has not been as accurate as in the past two years. Against the Jets, Rodgers was missing throws that he would normally make, including the pass below, which was underthrown by about 10 yards.

Romeo Doubs had a chance to score a touchdown, but the pass from Aaron Rodgers was not well thrown and fell short by at least 5 yards.

One thing that may be contributing to his accuracy issues is that Rodgers seems to have an injured thumb. He hurt the finger last week and it was still bothering him on Sunday.

If the Packers cannot pass the ball, their offense can still work because of Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon. However, now other teams are expecting this. The Packers’ opponents know that the passing game is not working well, so they are ready to stop the run.

The Packers are not doing well and might not win the NFC North this year. They have scored 15 or fewer points in three of their six games.

The grades for every game from Week 6 are as follows:

-The Commanders beat Chicago 12-7 on Thursday.

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