Dennis Allen’s Poor Halftime Advice Leads To Andy Dalton’s 3-Interception Meltdown

Things looked good for the New Orleans Saints before halftime on Thursday night against the Arizona Cardinals. They were tied up 14-14 on the road, with a couple of minutes until the half and several timeouts to work with. Veteran quarterback Andy Dalton was under center ready to lead the two-minute offense.

Dalton threw a pass to Callaway, but it was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. The Saints then fell behind by two scores.

He said “just keep playing.”

Allen said to keep doing what he is doing and to compete and fight.

Why did the coach say that seeing such bad football isn’t that bad? Is he choosing to trust the process and let his players play, or is he not concerned about it and dodging accountability in a big spot? Either way, it’s a terrible look.

This is not a good situation for the Saints. Their starting quarterback is injured, and the backup quarterback just threw three interceptions. Taysom Hill is not going to be the answer either. The team’s coach needs to do something better.

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