Scott Peterson Moves Off San Quentin Death Row

Scott Peterson was moved from San Quentin State Prison’s death row and is now locked up in Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, Calif.

Today is Scott’s 50th birthday. He has been in prison for 19 years and 189 days for a crime he didn’t commit. His supporters wrote this on Facebook on Monday.

Peterson, 50, was given a life sentence in December of 2021 with no chance of parole for murdering his pregnant wife, Laci, and unborn son, Connor, in their Modesto home. At his sentencing hearing, Laci’s family members told Peterson that he is an evil, sociopathic, and remorseless killer.

Peterson is going to Mule Creek State Prison. He will be around more people and have a more normal prison life.

Peterson is trying to get his conviction overturned and is asking for a new trial because he thinks the jury did not follow the rules. The judge will decide if there will be a new trial on December 15.

Peterson’s defense team, family members, and supporters all say that he is innocent and that the wrong person is in jail for Laci’s murder. If Peterson is given a second chance, Harris says that he will be able to prove his innocence in court with new evidence.

This paragraph is saying that there will be new evidence and things presented in the second trial that were not in the first.

There is no doubt that Peterson killed his pregnant wife, according to Fladager. The California Supreme Court agrees, saying there is a lot of evidence showing Peterson is guilty. This was written in court documents earlier this month.

I interviewed Scott Peterson’s sister-in-law today. She is confident that he will be found not guilty if he is granted a new murder trial.

Peterson claimed he was fishing in the San Francisco Bay on Christmas Eve 2002 while his wife stayed home in Modesto. The bodies of Laci and Conner later washed up near Berkeley Marina, which was close to where Peterson said he was fishing.

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